Have your game processed by the experts at Terminal Meats. For the do it yourself sausage makers, we carry a complete line of spices, casings, and boneless pork for all your sausage needs.

Wild Game Cutting & Wrapping: $0.75/pound or $60 minimum

Grinding only: (2 Grinds) $0.75/pound

Grinding & Wrapping: (2 Grinds) $0.80/pound

Boning of Wild Game: $35 minimum or $0.65/pound

Jalapeno Salami: (4 lb. average) $11.00 each

Salami: (4 lb. average) $11.00 each

Jalapeno & Cheese Salami: (4 lb. average) $11.25 each

Kolbasa: $2.80/pound

Polish Sausage: $2.80/pound

Sweet Italian Sausage: $2.80/pound

Old Fashion Jumbo Franks: $2.80/pound

Bulk Breakfast Sausage: $2.50/pound

Bratwurst: $2.80/pound

Jalapeno & Cheese Kolbasa: $3.15/pound

Summer Sausage: (4 lb. average) $11.00 each

Snack Sticks: (Regular) $4.50/pound

Jerky: $8.00/pound

Custom Sausage Smoking: $0.80/pound


All Sausage Prices Based on Finished Weight



Deer: $20 each / E1k: $30 each / Moose $30 / Cleaning of Dirty Animals: $50 each